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Group Classes

Baby Puppy Playgroup From $38 per visit with Baby Puppy Club Package A passPurchase required to enroll

Baby Puppy Playgroup is for pups who are enrolled in our Baby Puppy Club Class. It is a supervised playgroup where they can socialize and explore their play style with pups their own age.

Baby Puppy Club Class From $38 per visit with Baby Puppy Club Package A passPurchase required to enroll

Baby Puppy Club Class is a three-time-weekly group class for pups between the ages of eight and twenty four weeks. This group is ideal for pups who have completed their first round of shots and who are not yet allowed to socialize with adult dogs. In this club, we focus on developmental puppy topics such as Bite Inhibition, Chewing, House Training, House Management, Handling, Grooming, Walking, Socialization, Play, Tricks, and the beginnings of Fundamental Behaviors such as Sit, Down from a Sit, Stand, Down from a Stand, and Placement Cues. The purchase of a four class pass is required for enrollment in Baby Puppy Club. Please be sure to sign your puppy up on the days you would like to attend class. Enrollment is on a first come first serve basis and each class is capped at 8 puppies. All pups will need a 6ft. leash, a hands free treat bag, and a harness. You can get all of these items in our shop. We have searched many harness brands and have found the most secure harnesses. We can find the perfect fitting harness for your pup!

Teen Puppy Club Class From $50 per visit with Teen Puppy Club Extension passPurchase required to enroll

Teen Puppy Club is a Clicker Training group for puppies from five months to one year old. This group is appropriate for graduates of Baby Puppy Club and pups who have had an in-home Private Puppy Lesson or a Private Puppy Lesson at The Dog Institute. This class covers Handling, Socialization, Walking, Shaping, Tricks, Recall, and Fundamental Behaviors. This group meets weekly and can be attended on a drop-in basis, with a four class pass.

Adult Dog Clicker Class From $63 per visit with Adult Dog Clicker Club 4 Class passPurchase required to enroll

Adult Dog Clicker Club is an open-level training group that meets weekly. Topics include: Fundamental Behaviors, Tricks, Walking, Handling, Socialization, Recall, and Placement Cues. Purchase of a four class pass is required for enrollment.